I graduated from Fine Art schools of Lyon and Montpellier, France in 2013. I then did a post-masters in films and contemporary art in Le Fresnoy, north of France, followed by a professional training in set building for theatre and films in Paris.

Since then, I’ve been working in the set building industry. Asides from that, I picked up a passion for woodcarving that grew bigger over the past 6 years. My main inspiration is the wildlife and the animal body. 

For me, each sculpture is a work of endurance, like an itinerant walk during which I track the animal through the density of the material. Guided by my sketches and clay models, which I use like maps and beacons, my gouges and chisels are used to cut my way through the wood fibers.  

Chip by chip, a spine takes shape, a gaze sharpens, character traits become clearer.

With an eye for detail, my aim is to capture a certain movement, an attitude and a presence specific to the subject. 

The walk slows down and is punctuated by moments of contemplation, of stepping back to get a better look. Then comes the work of harmonizing lines and volumes to reveal the character of the wood, its grain, its nuances, its language.

In today’s hectic world, I make a point of working mostly with hand tools. This gives me a more accurate sense of timing, the gesture on the material becomes more honest, the peace settles in.

Passionate about all aspects of woodworking, I also create objects, jewellery and furniture.